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January 15th, 2014

Our new Sheldon Partner in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Mr. Ron Vaughan

We are proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Ron Vaughan and his company, Varia, as Sheldon’s exclusive partner in Tennessee and Kentucky.  Ron and his team have been designing and planning laboratory spaces for colleges & universities, research facilities, as well as K-12 facilities for over 28 years. Varia is headquartered in Memphis.

His vast wealth of experience will serve all your lab planning needs and his Varia team has a vast array of other educational products as well, including a high quality line of seating products called Navetta.  We are excited about our partnership with the Varia team and especially the value Ron Vaughan brings to us and especially you, our clients. For more information on Ron and Varia, please visit

Sheldon Labs has a 116 year history of successful installations all over Tennessee and Kentucky…we are now in our best position ever to meet all your lab planning and furnishing needs.

You may contact Ron directly at or Phone: 901.853.6966