Sheldon Laboratory Systems

Sacred Heart High School

Louisville, KY

Students and staff at Sacred Heart Academy were excited about plans to renovate the school’s four science labs, but when the first laboratory was completed, the results were less than perfect. While the new furniture and equipment were pleasing, the teachers had had little input into the design, and found the space difficult to work in.

When it was time to renovate the other three laboratories, Sacred Heart turned to Sheldon Labs, hoping to find not merely a vendor, but a true partner in the redesign process.

“The first lab renovation afforded me little input into the design. I had some serious concerns about the lack of attention to details, and the workers didn’t seem receptive
to my concerns,” says Beverly McAuliffe, who was the principal of Sacred Heart Academy during the renovations. “We had a completely different experience working with Sheldon. They consulted with the science teachers and me throughout the design and installation process. Sheldon’s employees were extremely customer friendly, receptive, and open to occasional, last-minute changes to what was originally proposed. Most of all, I appreciated Sheldon’s responsiveness to any questions and concerns.”

Sacred Heart’s science teachers were equally pleased with the end result.

“Sheldon worked with us as a partner. We had a lot of control over the design of all three labs,” says Sacred Heart science teacher Janet Zeller. “Our biggest challenges were to improve the storage space and room layouts so that teaching could actually take place in the lab. Thanks to Sheldon, the layout of our labs is greatly improved. I love being able to move around and get to the tables easily. The safety of our labs and access for all of our students are also improved.”

According to McAuliffe, partnering with Sheldon meant the difference between labs that were “good enough” and labs that were outstanding.

“Sheldon and its personnel are top- notch professionals,” McAuliffe says. “In my extensive career as a principal, I’ve been involved in many remodeling and reconstruction projects, and my experience with Sheldon tops the list.”

Furniture & equipment provided by Sheldon Labs to Sacred Heart High School included:

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