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June 4th, 2014

Sheldon Labs Strategic Partner in MS and AR

 Sheldon Labs and MISSCO Contract Sales

Two companies with  over 200 years of history… planning, designing and equipping educational, commercial and health-care spaces.

    Since 1898 Sheldon Laboratory Systems has been designing and building the most flexible, innovative and best quality learning spaces in the educational marketplace.  Today, more than ever, Sheldon is recognized as the “thought leader” for new STEM, STEAM and STREAM spaces.

    Since 1919 MISSCO Contract Sales has been not only a strategic   partner for Sheldon Labs but also a number of other “premier”   manufacturers such as Irwin Seating Company, Irwin Telescopic, Stevens Industries, and SICO.  MISSCO’S team of product specialists and designers have partnered with architects and owners on some of the most prestigious and visible projects in Mississippi and Arkansas. We are ready and available for any of your furniture and   design needs.