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May 26th, 2017

St. Anthony = STEM

Pictured: Left: The AdvancED STEM certification team. Right: St. Anthony Catholic School teacher Vicki Moorehead talks with students about their building engineering project. CLARION-LEDGER




Vicki Moorehead is a recipient of the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. St. Anthony is the first school in the state to receive AdvancED STEM certification from the State of Mississippi. Read more about Vicki and her team at St. Anthony Catholic School in the recent  CLARION-LEDGER article.


Sheldon Laboratory Systems (Sheldon Labs) has proudly called Saint Anthony Catholic School a partner since the school first opened its doors in 2009. We have seen the “idea” for a school become one of the premier elementary schools in the greater Jackson, Mississippi metropolitan area.  Sheldon Labs worked with the principal and science coordinator to build a state-of-the-art elementary science lab. Since then we have been privileged to work on several other projects.


Sheldon Labs worked with the teacher to design and build a modern, flexible and fun lab. Our products included bi-level imprint top tables, microscope and tote tray storage, wash up sinks, skeleton cabinets, apparatus panel boards and other miscellaneous storage.  One of the items in the room is the Infinity Teachers Demo Desk.  Mrs. Vicki Moorehead helped our Engineering Manager with the design of this desk, and it is now one of our most popular items.


It has been our privilege to work so closely with the incredible teachers and staff at Saint Anthony. The partnership gives us the opportunity to visit with users and students to better understand our products and how to improve.  We are also incredibly proud to partner with such a tremendous school.  Like Sheldon Labs, Saint Anthony prides itself on a commitment to quality, a commitment to innovation and an integrity second to none.