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November 4th, 2013

STEM Lab at its Finest.

Copiah Academy

STEM Labs at its Finest.

Copiah Academy’s STEM Lab Serves Student of Every Age 

We were honored to have  the opportunity to partner with Copiah Academy in Gallman, Mississippi to plan and design a STEM lab that would be flexible enough to serve the needs of primary school students as well as high school students.  Some of the teachers are adjunct professors for a local community college so the room had to meet those student needs as well.

After three years of service, the STEM lab is the most popular space on the campus.  As you can see from the case study (link attached), students and teachers both love the new space and most importantly are excited about learning!  The warm, flexible and inviting lab spaces provide the ideal environment to make learning fun!

Please take time to read more about Ms. Rita Henley and the Copiah Academy STEM lab. (read more)

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