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September 25th, 2012

The Best Teacher’s Aide Available

Designed to be the Best Teacher’s Aide.

The Infinity Teacher’s Demo.

The Infinity Teacher’s Demo allows instructors the flexibility to ensure complete efficiency in the classroom.  With the height-adjustable top that has a lock-out control, teachers can accomplish lab demonstration, lecture, and seated positions, all while maintaining student observation from one central location.

Since the teacher’s effectiveness is our foremost concern, the entire center can be custom-designed to meet any specific needs, from sink stations or extra storage to a podium or lecturn.  The Infinity Teacher’s Demo is the perfect complement to a flexible and safe science room.

To learn more, call 1-800-531-7604 or visit our website.

Infinity Teacher’s Demo Benefits

  • Height-adjustable center top
  • Lock-out control lift
  • Numerous GFI electrical outlets
  • Cable management
  • Custom-designed for storage needs
  • Sturdy thru-bolt construction
  • Black, epoxy resin top
  • Hot and cold water capabilities