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About Us

Sheldon Laboratory Systems was founded by a teacher in 1898. A century later, we’re still in the classroom.

Our founder, E.H. Sheldon, began his career as a woodworking teacher and was always looking for ways to improve the learning experience for his students. That passion led him to invent a rapid-acting vise, which was quickly followed by benches and eventually a line of laboratory furniture and furnishings for the school market.

While the diversity of our product line has expanded over the years, our focus on education has remained constant. Today, Sheldon Laboratory Systems offers thousands of products designed specifically for school laboratories and other classroom settings, ranging from elementary through the university level.

  • 1898

    E. H. Sheldon builds and sells a rapid-acting woodworking vise he invented while teaching manual training in Louisville, KY.

  • 1900 – 1910

    Sheldon begins building benches to accompany his vises when manual training and domestic science are added to the curriculum of many schools.

    Initial production is handled by a Chicago woodworking shop, but the high-quality product soon results in more orders than the supplier can produce. Sheldon sets up his own factory in a Chicago loft.

    E.H. Sheldon’s brothers Henry and Thomas join the business.

  • 1911

    The company is moved to Muskegon, Michigan in response to an offer of larger manufacturing facilities.

  • 1977

    The MISSCO Corporation acquires the E. H. Sheldon Equipment Co. and moves its 80-year-old operation to its present location in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

  • Today

    Sheldon Laboratory Systems has trained generations of skilled cabinet workers and attracts the most qualified engineers, becoming a leader in producing innovative equipment for science education in the K-12 school market, as well as the university and research levels.

    Sheldon holds a large number of patents as a result of their commitment to product development. Today Sheldon upholds this commitment to development, and our reputation for quality is second to none.

Company Overview

Our Mission

Sheldon Laboratory Systems' mission is to design and manufacture the most innovative and high-quality products for the laboratory furniture and furnishings marketplace. We will meet and exceed the expectations of educators, architects and contractors by providing educationally correct furnishings complete and on time…every time.

Special Consultations

Prominent authorities in various fields of education work with Sheldon in designing educational facilities and equipping them for most efficient use. The counsel of these teaching professionals, plus the practical experience of Sheldon's own engineers and specialists, is assurance that Sheldon school facilities are, and will continue to be, "Educationally Correct."

Custom Designs

Custom designing is a Sheldon specialty. Lab furniture designs and sizes that are not standard cases, cabinets, tables, and other equipment can be produced as custom furniture and equipment for our clients. Sheldon engineers in charge of this service are widely experienced in school and architectural requirements. Many items that originated as custom designs with Sheldon have become standard in the industry today.

Work with Architects

Sheldon engineers work in the closest cooperation with architects in planning schools, hospitals, and other institutions. Many prominent architectural firms rely on the experience and insight of Sheldon for authoritative assistance on planning and equipment. We welcome and promptly acknowledge inquiries.

Sheldon Team

With over 120 years of experience, Sheldon offers superior efficiency, serviceability, and appearance in institutional furniture.

Sheldon Team

Sheldon is proud to be closely associated with the following organizations and certifications


Jenny Phillips

Chief Operating Officer

Gail Hester


Jimmy Gaskin

General Manager

Dwight Turner

Operations Manager


Jeff Smith

Regional Sales Manager

John Walden

Regional Sales Manager

Ross Vlietstra

Regional Sales Manager

Sean McWherter

Regional Sales Manager

Niki Hobkirk

Sales Assistant

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Sales Planner

Mary Olstad

Business Development Marketing

Lance Lee


Shane Chandler


Customer Service & Project Support

Debbie Stringer

Office/Purchasing Coordinator

John Sykes

Purchasing Supervisor

Rachel Smith

Operations Coordinator

Mike Errington

Project Manager

Brent Walker

Customer Service

Leigh Hust

Shipping Supervisor

Tann Hollingsworth

Customer Service

Engineering & Design

Bobby Shields

Engineering Manager

Randy Hughes


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Kenneth Newsome