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Sheldon Labs and Diversified Casework, united.

Together we are stronger. And it propels us into being even more innovative, competitive, and responsive as a team. We curated the best of the best products, equipment, and casework to provide lab planners and architects customizable solutions, and unparalleled service to create labs that matter.

  • 1898

    Sheldon Laboratory Systems was founded by a teacher in 1898. A century later, we’re still in the classroom. Our founder, E.H. Sheldon, began his career as a woodworking teacher and was always looking for ways to improve the learning experience for his students. That passion led him to invent a rapid-acting vise, which was quickly followed by benches and eventually a line of laboratory furniture and furnishings for the school market.

  • 1900 – 1910

    Sheldon begins building benches to accompany his vises when manual training and domestic science are added to the curriculum of many schools.

    Initial production is handled by a Chicago woodworking shop, but the high-quality product soon results in more orders than the supplier can produce. Sheldon sets up his own factory in a Chicago loft.

    E.H. Sheldon’s brothers Henry and Thomas join the business.

  • 1911

    The company moved to Muskegon, Michigan in response to an offer of larger manufacturing facilities.

  • 1977

    The MISSCO Corporation acquires the E. H. Sheldon Equipment Co. and moves its 80-year-old operation to its present location in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

  • Today

    Sheldon Laboratory Systems was acquired by Diversified Casework, a leading provider of laboratory casework solutions, together they have over 160 years of operational excellence. Moving forward, we will be known as Diversified Casework. We will continue to promote and innovate Sheldon Labs’ industry-leading products, such as the Axis Infinity and TEII Series, along with incorporating the flexibility of Diversified Casework’s modern manufacturing facility. Diversified Casework will provide a complete offering of laboratory-grade casework, science furniture, and equipment, creating a unified, stronger presence in the laboratory marketplace.

    “This consolidation will provide the market with the largest manufacturer of wood laboratory casework in the United States, focused on providing the highest level of service combined with premium quality products for the next one hundred years,” said Dave Jahnke, president of Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc.

    Diversified Casework will remain focused on providing the highest levels of responsive service, innovation, and quality that is the foundation on which it was built.

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Company Overview

Creating labs that matter.

With 160+ combined years of industry experience, we know what it takes to create that top-of-the-line lab you’re looking for. Whether you need to match an existing stain or need to impress incoming students and educators, our casework experts can deliver a custom laboratory solution to meet your exact requirements. And we’ll exceed your expectations – every time.

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