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Customer Testimonials and Comments

“Thank you for your efforts in delivering our lab materials earlier than your normal schedule. The installation work will be finished in about an hour and students are already excited about the new tables.

I also would like to acknowledge the professionalism of your installation team, Mike and Tom. In addition to doing an excellent job, they are both nice and friendly. You have very good representatives of your company out in the field.”

Murat Oguz, Director
Horizon Science Academy, Toledo, OH

“We are ever grateful to Sheldon for our beautiful spaces and we want other Mississippi students to have such also. Please tell your clients to feel free to ask questions of the teachers even if there is a class going on.”

Sandra Hindsman, Chair, Department of Science
St. Andrews Episcopal High School, Ridgeland, MS

“We enjoyed showing everyone our new facilities yesterday. We still just love the new labs and cannot wait for the rest of the building to be completed. I am always impressed with Sheldon’s commitment to not only work with potential customers, but to also be available to previous ones.”

Sharon Feaster, Chair, Department of Biology
Hinds Community College, Raymond, MS

“Thanks for being such a great partner with us. The spaces are wonderful thanks to you and your staff. Thanks for everything. Feel free to stop by to see the place after we get all moved in. We are working hard to make the spaces functional without losing their aesthetic appeal.”

Dr. Reid Bishop, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Belhaven University, Jackson, MS

“I could not have been more pleased with their work and time table. They met the budget and delivered the lab on our schedule. They have also been very helpful when we needed to ask questions and any other follow up that was needed. Our lab is three years old and we have had no problems with any of the equipment. Their staff is very professional in all our dealings.

I highly recommend them to you. I do not believe you will be disappointed in any way.”

Gary J. Herring, Head of School
First Presbyterian Day School, Jackson, MS

“You guys should be proud of what you built. Everyone is thrilled with the work. The superintendent told me personally that he was very happy with the way the job turned out. So kudos to all parties involved.”

Craig Comte, General Contractor
Genoa High School, Genoa, OH

“Thanks for your help. Both the labs for the Del Rio High School Project and the more recent Comstock Jr. High Project turned out very satisfactorily.”

Jim Smith, Project Manager
Templeton Construction, TX

“Cadence McShane Construction prides itself on providing high quality, on-time construction projects to our customers—and our subcontractors are a critical part of the Cadence McShane Team. We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to you and your team for the outstanding work you did. Your dedication, hard work, and team effort were instrumental in helping us provide a quality end-product to our customer. We are proud to list the Plano Independent School District as a satisfied customer.

You have a great team at Sheldon Laboratory Systems, Inc., and your company should be proud of the outstanding job they did for Cadence McShane Construction throughout this project. Please pass our appreciation to everyone who made Plano Senior High School a success.”

Cadence McShane Construction
Mike Geach, Vice President
Sy Solis, Superintendent
Wade Wimbish, Project Manager
Clint Walker, Project Manager
Jason Sturgeon, Project Engineer
Dallas, TX

“We can’t thank you enough for all your gracious hospitality when we visited you in Jackson. Eddie, you took the whole day to show us around, and everyone at the plant was so kind to us. We are praying for you! May everything we do be for the glory of God!”

Sr. Mary Elizabeth, Principal
Sr. Mary Giana
St. Rose Academy, Birmingham, AL

“The Kearney Catholic Science Rooms addition is 99.99% completed. With that in mind, we want to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for all of the hard work, input, ideas and workmanship that you poured into the project. We truly appreciate the concern and professionalism that your staff exhibited. To say that we are pleased with the end result would be a profound understatement. The addition is and will continue to be a great asset to the school’s educational program; both now and far into the future. Everyone who is connected to the school is truly amazed that such a major project was completed in such a short period of time and to the wow and satisfaction of all.

A year ago, on a whim, a cold call was placed to a firm in Mississippi. The president of the company answered the phone! I frequently comment to others how the hand of God orchestrated that initial contact. Eddie, without you and your employees’ goodwill, concern, expertise, guidance and products, the outstanding new science rooms would not have been outstanding. One of the members of our building committee is big into construction, and he marvels at the outstanding quality of your product. A simple Thank You seems woefully inadequate for all that you did.

Again, thank you for your part in making a ‘Kearney Catholic Dream’ come true.”

Terry Torson, Principal
Kearney Catholic School Board
Kearney Catholic High School, Kearney, NE

“We, at Cadence McShane, would like to personally thank you and your company for the successful completion of the miracle Sam Houston Middle School Renovation project this past summer. Without the hard work and dedication from you and your field staff, we would not have been able to achieve the successful completion of this extraordinary project. Not only did we complete this project on time, but the quality of workmanship was outstanding. Your field staff put in many long hours, both day and night, and endured the summer heat to accomplish this goal, for which the Irving ISD, PBK Architects and Cadence McShane are extremely grateful.

Irving ISD and PBK Architects are valued customers and with the extreme effort put forth by your company as part of the team, we hope to continue to build our relationship with them.

Thank you again for your support, dedication, hard work and team attitude. We look forward to continued relationship with your company.”

Cadence McShane Construction
Mike Geach, Vice President
David Stredwick, Superintendent
Sy Solis, Superintendent
Roanne Ramnarine, Project Manager
John Hook, Assistant Superintendent
Dallas, TX

“I want to thank you and your amazing staff for the ‘minor miracle’ you pulled off in fabricating and delivering the additional casework to Benet Academy on July 25th. It was truly amazing and our firm, ECI, and Benet Academy really appreciate the superior level of customer service that Sheldon and Larson Equipment delivered. In most cases when we would ask for something like that, laughter and a firm ‘NO’ would be the response. From Sheldon it was more of ‘sure we can.’ Thank you so much for helping us out. The casework is beautiful and we’re excited about the positive impact it will make on a new generation of Benet Academy students.

We wish you and Sheldon all the best. Based on how you operate, I can’t imagine any other outcome for your company.”

Stephen J. Cashman, AIA
Cashman Stahler Group

“I just want to thank you and all of the wonderful people at Sheldon once again for the great hospitality that you extended to Jay and me during our visit. It is evident that the quality of Sheldon products begins with the Sheldon family of employees. Everyone was so pleasant and so willing to demonstrate their enthusiasm for their job and their craft.

Please extend my special thanks to Wayne, Roger and Jen for taking a good portion of their day to provide me with information that is not easily gained by reading your catalogue. You have a great team and a wonderful company.

I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with both you and Sheldon.”

Don Hussman, AIA
Dickinson Hussman Architects

“The Axis tables stand up well to the abuse that our students put them through. They still look as new as the day they were installed.

The cabinets and closets allow me to keep laboratory equipment safe and secure in an organized, convenient fashion. Supplies are easily organized and accessed, and the cabinets, shelving and countertops are nice looking.

The Sheldon lab systems are awesome. They are functional, durable and allow us to maximize a fairly small laboratory space. I think the practicality, versatility and functionality of the Sheldon products make them superior to anything else that we looked at when designing our new science labs.”

Eric Magette, Biology Teacher
Salina South High School
Salina, KS

“Sheldon has listened to teachers explain how other casework can be vandalized and broken. Their designs and construction help to eliminate common problems that our teachers are faced with today.

Most demonstration desks found in current catalogs end up being items that take up space, are nonfunctional and are very costly. Not so with the Focal Point Demonstration Desk. From the teacher’s perspective, this design is, without question, the most functional of all demonstration desks.

The TE II Lab Centers free teachers from the standard peninsular style laboratory design. These centers assist with flow and safety for students and teachers.

I have always been impressed by the attention Sheldon representatives give teachers and district personnel. I have seen standard designs evolve into innovative plans that meet the specific needs of our students and teachers. What I have not seen is an attitude of ‘This is what you get.’ Sheldon listens and responds positively.”

James W. Collins, Science Program Coordinator
Charles A. Dana Center
The University of Texas at Austin

“It’s clear that Sheldon has spent time communicating with educators and that Sheldon products are the results of extensive research and collaboration with the end users. Sheldon designs products that provide practical solutions to problems other manufacturers don’t even seem to be aware of.

The most durable fixtures I have ever used in laboratories, period. The Axis 3 System helped me to reduce the classroom/laboratory areas by approximately 1000 square feet. This represented a savings in construction cost of over $100,000.”

Dan Snead
J. Dan Snead and Associates, Architects
Beckley, WV

“Our experience with Sheldon has been nothing but wonderful. Sheldon welcomed input from our teachers, was responsive to their needs, and made design changes based on their suggestions. Everything they wanted, Sheldon was able to accomplish.

I am impressed by the way Sheldon stands by their products. Sheldon installed some cabinets here in 1995. Recently we had some problems with the doors, and Sheldon came out and replaced them—more than 10 years after the original installation.”

Jim Hintz, Assistant Superintendent for Business
Adlai Stevenson High School
Lincolnshire, IL

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Sheldon strives to satisfy all customers and meet the demanding needs of the marketplace. We understand science and the needs of science teachers, and pride ourselves in working with educators to provide a classroom environment that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and conducive to learning.