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Science Casework – Hardware & Accessories


The hinges on a standard Sheldon cabinet are wrought steel with a powder coat epoxy to prevent rust or deterioration over time. Nine screws hold each hinge securely in place, and each cabinet gets 2 hinges per base or wall cabinet and 3 hinges per tall cabinet. Standard hinges are finished in black or chrome, and stainless steel hinges can be provided for an additional cost.

Mortised versus Non-mortised

Our standard hinge can be mortised or non-mortised. A mortised hinge is flush-mounted, causing the door to close directly on the cabinet front. A non-mortised hinge allows spacing between the door and cabinet front for a softer close.


Sheldon’s standard pull is a solid metal pull, finished in black or chrome to match hinges. Stainless steel pulls can be provided for an additional cost. Pulls are held solidly in place with two screws from the back.

Drawer Slides

Smooth drawer movement is important to the quality of a drawer, and Sheldon’s slides ensure the pull out is even and smooth. The standard drawer slide is a powder coated captive roller system slide. These slides pull out 3/4 of the drawer depth and have a 100 lb. load rating. Full extension slides are available for an additional cost.