Sheldon Laboratory Systems

Orangewood Academy

Garden Grove, CA

Architect / Tickner & Associates

Orangewood Academy had a $100,000 budget to invest in remodeling one science classroom/lab that would have to serve as a seventh and eighth grade science lab, as well as a high school biology, AP biology, and anatomy and physiology lab. Orangewood turned to Sheldon Labs to create a versatile space that would serve all their students well.

“We had to provide a conducive environment for students who would spend anywhere from two to six years studying different sciences in the same classroom,” says Datha Tickner, principal of Orangewood Academy. “The goal was to provide a state-of-the-art lab room with more versatility and the ability for us to adapt it or to add on to it later.”

The remodeling wish list included updating all furnishings and equipment, improving the storage space, providing adequate seating for a growing number of students, and creating an environment that would engage students at various grade levels.

“The biggest challenge was limited floor space,” Tickner says. “Our designer had worked with Sheldon Labs before and knew they would be able to custom make what we wanted.”

Sheldon rose to the challenge, creating custom shelving that fit into the limited space. According to Tickner, “all of the equipment and furnishings are key pieces,” but Orangewood teachers and students have been particularly impressed with the adjustable student tables, high-density shelving, goggle cabinet, and the teacher demo desk, which one science teacher describes as “beyond awesome.”

“The new lab is a 100 percent improvement,” Tickner says. “We have more surface area, which means we can conduct more in-depth lab projects. The enhanced seating and the teacher’s demo desk make it easier for the students to see what the teacher is doing. The flow of the lab as designed by Sheldon makes it easier for the students and teachers to move around. As for our old home economics tables versus brand new Sheldon Lab tables, the difference is night and day.”

While Orangewood’s teachers and administrators are impressed, the best reviews have come from Orangewood’s students.

“The new lab gives us students more of an incentive to stay focused and learn,” says Orangewood junior Allyson Milla. “I’m proud of the lab, and it looks so good that I feel I need to live up to it by performing better. Because the lab is more sophisticated, it motivates me. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to learn in this lab, so I want to do my best.”

Furniture & equipment provided by Sheldon Labs to Orangewood Academy included:

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