Sheldon Laboratory Systems

Pillow Academy

Greenwood, MS

Pillow Academy faced a unique challenge – convert a single existing classroom into a multi-purpose science lab capable of serving students in grades 6-12 and providing the ideal environment for teaching everything from basic earth sciences to Advanced Placement biology, chemistry and physics. A step-by-step partnership between Pillow and Sheldon Labs made that ambitious goal a reality.

“Sheldon was involved from the very beginning of the project, drawing the initial plans and revising them as we went along,” says Marietta Branch, Pillow Academy’s science department chair. “Sheldon took us to see other school science labs they had designed, which helped us to form a clearer picture of what we wanted our lab to be. When the renovation actually began, we communicated with Sheldon on almost a daily basis. Their representatives made many trips to Pillow and brought samples of cabinetry and hardware to us to consider. They were always there, anytime when we had a question or an idea. They understood our needs and what we wanted, and they never tried to sell us anything we didn’t need or want.”

Because the lab would be used by students of all ages, Pillow chose adjustable axis lab tables, which feature adjusting heights. Student safety was also a priority; Sheldon equipped the lab with a state-of-the-art ventilation hood, eye wash station, and cabinets for efficient storage of safety goggles. The lab also includes custom features designed specifically for the school, including sinks sized to fit Pillow’s existing dissection pans.

In addition to working with Pillow Academy’s faculty and staff, Sheldon also coordinated efforts with the school’s other construction partners.

“Sheldon was very helpful in working with our contractors – not only the general contractor on the project, but the electrical contractor, the plumbing contractor, and others working on the job,” Branch says. “Sheldon is more than just a company that builds and installs lab equipment. Sheldon was a partner in every phase of our project, and they weren’t going to exit the project without making sure we had everything we needed and that it was all working properly.”

The completed science room has given Pillow Academy students the ability to perform many more labs than the previous space allowed. The school was able to centralize its science equipment rather than having equipment spread across several classrooms, resulting in significant long-term cost savings. Perhaps most importantly, the new lab has generated increased enthusiasm for teaching and learning among Pillow’s teachers and students.

“The new space is exciting and stimulating,” Branch says. “Our students are more engaged and eager to learn, and they are respectful and appreciative of having such a modern, well-equipped facility.

“We can’t say enough good things are Sheldon,” Branch continues. “They are an excellent company and we are so pleased with the outcome. I could talk about Sheldon Laboratories and our science room all day. I love to show it off.”

Furniture & equipment provided by Sheldon Labs to Pillow Academy included:

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