Sheldon Laboratory Systems

Robinson School

San Juan, Puerto Rico

When Robinson School in Puerto Rico launched an overhaul of three of its middle and upper school science labs, school officials found the design and furnishings partner they were looking for in Mississippi’s Sheldon Labs.

“Our goal was to maximize the existing space in our labs and create a collaborative learning environment for our students,” says Myriam Medina, Robinson School’s science department coordinator. “We needed more than just furniture. We needed a classroom transformation that would prepare our students for a technological and global education for the 21st century. What’s more, this major renovation had to be completed in just six weeks in order for the labs to be ready for the coming academic year.” Before hiring Sheldon Labs, Robinson School officials consulted other companies, but chose Sheldon based not only on the company’s competitive pricing and unique product line, but also on Sheldon’s excellent references and what Medina describes as the company’s “personal touch.” Sheldon listened when teachers described their “dream spaces,” then recommended specific products designed to fulfill Robinson School’s specific needs, including lab tables that move up and down, table shapes conducive to collaboration among multiple students, and privacy panels for test taking or independent work. Teachers also appreciated the convenience of electricity, water, and gas at each table, which makes instructional activities more effective in a shorter amount of time.

“Our new labs make teaching easier, encourage more hands-on participation, and let us utilize the physical space much more efficiently,” Medina says. “The classrooms are also more aesthetically pleasing. The spaces look more open and brighter than before, and the light-colored furniture has a positive impact on the overall environment.

“Most importantly, we’ve seen a vast improvement in our students’ attitudes toward learning,” Medina continues. “And every time alumni visit one of the new classrooms, their reaction is, ‘Wow!’ We needed a transformation, and with Sheldon Laboratories, we did it.”

Furniture & equipment provided by Sheldon Labs to Robinson School included:

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